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The Witcher

Enhanced Edition

Submited on: Saturday, 01 October 2011 15:57 / by: Heavy Metal
The Witcher Enhanced Edition

Enhanced Edition, precisely patch v1.4, fixes a lot of issues, in beetwen:

  • Levels are loading faster, even by 80%
  • Fixed game's stability
  • Fixed NPC's face gestures
  • Fixed combat system
  • Fixed weather effects
  • Fixed opponents' AI in dice poker
  • Every other fixes from previous patches (< 1.4)
  • Player's map and inventory loads faster

And many more enhacments:

  • More than 250 animations in dialogue scenes
  • New system of NPCs differentation
  • New spot for alchemical ingredients in the inventory
  • Free choice of game language, voices and subtitles
  • New system of items acquisition
  • Turning off "autosave" option is now available
  • Two new adventures ("The Price of Neutrality" and "Side Effects")
  • Modding tool for creating own adventures (D'jinni Editor)