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News - Wiedźmin 2

Today we have a special treat for all of the achievement hunters lurking out there. Below you can find majority of the achievements you will be able to unlock while you progress through The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Xbox 360. As you can see this is not a full list as we removed the ones which can spoil the game by revealing plot development.

1) To Aedirn! - Complete Chapter 1

2) Complete Chapter 2 – Alea lacta Est

3) Once Ain't Enough - Complete Chapter 3

4) Apprentice - Use alchemy to brew five potions or oils

5) Master Alchemist - Acquire the Mutant ability

6) The Butcher of Blaviken - Kill 500 foes

7) Miser - Collect 10000 orens

8) Focus - Perform three successful ripostes in a row

9) Craftsman - Hire a craftsman to create an item

10) Pest Control - Finish all quests involing the destruction of monster nests

11) Torn Asunder! - Kill more than one opponent using a single exploding bomb

12) Gambler - Win an arm wrestling match, a dice poker game and a fist fight

13) Gladiator - Defeat all opponents in the Kaedweni arena

14) Madman - Finish the game while playing at the Dark difficulty level

15) Journeyman - Achieve character level 10

16) Guru - Achieve character level 35

17) Master of Magic - Acquire the Sense of Magic ability

18) Mutant! - Enhance abilities using mutagens at least five times

19) Last Man Standing - Survive your 30th fight in the Arena

20) Perfectionist - Kill 10 foes in a row without losing any Vitality

21) Poker! - Roll five-of-a-kind at dice poker

22) Tried-and-True - Survive your 5th fight in the Arena

23) The Fugitive - Complete the Prologue

24) Ricochet - Kill a foe by deflecting his own arrow at him

25) Swordmaster - Acquire the Combat Acumen ability

26) To Be Continued… - Finish the game at any difficulty level

27) Threesome - Kill three foes at once by performing a group finisher