The Witcher

The Witcher


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Temerian currency.

Family Ring

It belongs to the disconsolated merchant on the dike.

A lightning rod

Absorbs electric discharges.

Viziman Cementary Pass

Allows to enter the Viziman Cementary.

Teleport Crystal

Teleport Crystal. Destination remains unknown.

Salamander's Cipher

A wooden dial with runes. Used to to decrypt secret messages.

Ordinary items

  • Flint

    Allows us to ignigate the campfire. One use only.

Quest Items

  • Arrest Warrant

    Arrest warrant for the Professor

  • A dice box
  • Human remains

    crumbled human remains.

  • Key

    Key to the crypt.

  • A glass vial

    A small, glass vial. Usualy used to keep poison in it.

  • Berengar's notes on the Beast

    A hastily written document, probably drafted by the witcher while he was preparing to fight the Beast.

  • Letter of Safe conduct

    The bearer of this document has the right to enter Vizima at any time.

  • Scroll

    Kalkstein's notes > Kalkstein's notes on the sephirot.

  • The card
  • Tower tarot card

    It depicts a burning tower being struck by lightning as two figures fall from the top.

  • Alcohol
  • Grandma's cordial

    Grandma's cordial... Probably kicks like a mule.

  • Book
  • Grandma's diary

    Grandma's diary. Contains memories of the old hag's younger days

  • Food
  • Grandma's pickles and lard

    Grandma's pickles and lard. Perfect with alcohol.

  • Scroll
  • Suspect List

    A list of those, who might work with The Salamander.

  • A city Pass

    The bearer of this document has the right to enter the Trade Quarter in daytime...

  • Dandelion's Lute

    Dandelion's Lute. Probably needed by its owner, so best to return it.

  • Magic Sensor

    Thanks to sensors like this one, wizards can detect magical anomalies.

  • Catoblepas meat

    An illusoin of a mysterious creature- the Catoblepas.

  • Royal letter of safe conduct

    A beautifully crafted letter of safe conduct bearing the royal seal.

  • City Pass

    The person who presents this document has the right to enter the Trade Quarter between dusk and dawn in order to protect the city from monsters..

  • Psilocybe mushroom

    A rare hallucinogenic mushroom, favored by the hierophant of the Druids' grove..

  • Magic Stone

    Strongly emanates with magical energy.

  • Lycanthropy potion

    A flask containing medicine capable of breaking the curse of lycanthropy.

  • Power Stone

    Used to activate teleport in Salamander's Hideout.

  • Professor's Report

    These writings, ripped from the kikimore queen's carcass, are all that remains of the Professor...

  • Proffesor's letter, ready to send.

    The letter merely lacks a seal.

  • Turquoise Necklace

    A silver necklace covered in wavy patterns, with a large, perfectly polished turquoise.

  • Piece of armor

    A piece of armor made from a rare alloy. It looks very old.

  • Dimeritium amulet

    A small amulet made of blue metal.

  • Shani's Letter

    A letter scented with herbs, written in Shani's sprawling erratic hand.

  • Letter to Shani

    A letter in a small envelope.

  • Priest's staff

    A wooden staff covered in strange runes, its head shaped like a foamy wave.

  • Golden Calf

    A small, gold figurine of a calf.

  • Golden Bracelet

    An old looking but masterfully crafted gold bracelet.

  • Wreath of Immortelles

    A bridal garland made of pale, delicate flowers giving off a pleasant scent.

  • Cat Harness

    A small harness made of sweet flag; fit for a small animal.

  • Alina's bridal wreath

    A withered bridal garland made of field flowers.

  • Gramps' Diamond

    A sizeable diamond.

  • Alabaster figurine

    A small alabaster figurine representing a young vodyanoi taming a water elemental.

  • Four-leaf Clover

    A small, dried clover with four leaves — commonly held to be a symbol of luck.

  • Lady of the Lake's ruby

    A deep-red ruby. Made of the Lady of the Lake's enchanted blood, it radiates a strange energy.

  • Shard of Alina's Mirror

    A small fragment of a broken mirror

  • Alina's Mirror

    A mirror reassembled from several pieces..

  • Berengar's Letter

    A piece of paper covered in nervous, irregular handwriting.

  • Squirrel's Tail

    Scoia'tael symbol.

  • Receipt

    A small piece of paper bearing a careless signature and a symbol

  • Bifunctional fiber and alloy recirculator

    A strange device of and unknown purpose.

  • Raven's Armor remains

    A high-quality spaulder, a rerebrace and gauntlet using sophisticated technology.

  • Ostrit's Journal

    The journal of the man responsible for Adda being born a striga.

  • Notes of an elven minstrel

    A scroll of old parchment covered in ornamental, elven writing.

  • Famous Fist Fighter's Tooth

    The first tooth lost by the most famous fist fighter in history.

  • Magic Formula

    An old parchment covered in magical symbols.

  • Saint Gregory's litany

    A prayer to the Eternal Fire written on a piece of old, crumbling parchment.

  • Secrets stolen from Kaer Morhenn

    A sealed jewelery box containing the last of the stolen witchers' secret.

  • Dimeritium amulet

    A small amulet made of blue metal


Everyone of them has the same name, so here are only the descriptions.

  • Rusty key with the image of a Lionhead Spider..
  • Key to sewers.
  • Key to the Ramsmeat's house.
  • Key to Rascal's hideout.
  • Key to Trade Quarter sewer entrance.
  • Angus' key
  • Key to the Salamander's base.
  • And old key to te cellar.
  • Tarnished Key.
  • Ornamented key to the Grand Master's chambers.


  • Eric the Knight's letter

    Describes the location of Lionhead spider Cult's hideout.


  • Sephirot Chocc'mah > Sephirot that symbolizes Wisdom.
  • Sephirot Tipperath > Sephirot that symbolizes Compassion and beauty.
  • Sephirot Maal'kad > Sephirot that symbolizes Kingdom.
  • Sephirot Kezath > Sephirot that symbolizes Mercy and love.
  • Sephirot Ghe'vrath > Sephirot that symbolizes judging and strength .
  • Sephirot Veen'ah > Sephirot that symbolizes understanding .
  • Sephirot 'Oth > Sephirot that symbolizes majesty and glort.
  • Sephirot Y'esath > Sephirot that symbolizes foundation.
  • Sephirot Neh'tza > Sephirot that symbolizes endurance and victory.
  • Sephirot Keth'aar > Sephirot that symbolizes crown.