The Witcher

The Witcher


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-Straight Step! Straight Step! - Barclay Els yelled - Hold the line! The song, fucktards, song! Our Song! Mahakam - Forward! Several thousands swarves chanted famous Mahakaman battle song.

Hooouuu! Hooouuu! Hou!

Wait for us dear mates!

A whole new war awaits!

This brothel will fall apart

even with its gates!

Hoooouuuu! Hooouuu! Hou!

"Tower of the Swallow"

Dwarves are one of the eldest races on the Continent, wich they yore shared with elves and gnomes. They are short, the highset dwarf you can meet is about the height of adult's chest, but they make up for mass - most of them looks like mountains of muscles. Dwarven faces are rather churlish; long beards often reach the waist.

Honor, courage, honesty and love to family and friends - these are the most prized, fundamental values among dwarves, although none of these little beings can be called fanatical. They're famous for their penchant for trade and craft, where is not match for them.
Mahakam is their homeland, rich in all kinds of ore and minerals. Here, first manufactures were made, as well as forges and ironworks. Although in theory Mahakam is a part of the feudal kingdom of Temeria, in practice, it is a separate, sovereign country, ruled by the eldest foreman.

Dwarves become acquainted with humans very fast, as they understood, that the only chance of survival is through asmimilation. They willingly live in human cities, though their resourcefulness and wealth often causes humans repugnance. Bbrutal and bloody pogorms sometimes occure as effect.
Some of dwarven youth enter Scoia'tael, to fight for freedom and non-human's rights.