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Elder blood

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"And an avenger will be born of my blood - she shouted. - Will be born of defiled Elder Blood a Destroyer of nations and worlds! And he will Avange my torment! Death, death and revenge to you all and your progenies! She had shouted only these words before she passed away. That's how died Falka, That's the punishment for spilling innocent blood.” Times of Contempt

The Witcher Saga is literaly a flood of stories, legends and other apparently insignificant tales, wich de facto do not impact the plot… Or do they? Elder blood is a phrase wich plays a substantial role in the entire Witcher Saga. This statement is used to describe Cirilla's ancestors, a part of her family Tree. This is how Falka's descendants' were called, that is : Fiona, Elen, Adalia, Calanthe, Pavetta and Ciri. According to Ithlinne's prophecy, the son of last one of them were supposed to be the avenger, who would destroy the entire previous world and build a new one on its debris.

„And some belive the story of an Elder blood. Especially the fragment about how the avenger will be born of Falka's blood. Especially the fragment about how he will destroy the world and build a new one.
- And Cirilla is supposed to be the avenger?
- No. Not Cirilla. Her son.”
„- Have you comprehended now who Cirilla, the princess of Cintra is ? Children of an Elder blood... The last offshoot of that damn tree of hatred! The last branch, with the last poisoned apple...
- Elder blood... So long ago... Pavetta, Calanthe, Adalia, Elen, Fiona...
- And Falka.
- By the Gods, It's impossible! Primo, Falka did not have any children! Secundo, Fiona was a legal daughter of...
- Primo, we do not know anything abot Falka's youth. Secundo, don't make me laugh, Fenn. You know that when I hear "legal" I get taken by spasms of mirth. I belive in that document because, in my opinion, it is authentic. Fiona, Pavetta's great-grandmother was daughter of Falka, a monster in human skin. The hell, I do not belive in all these crazy predictions, forecasts and other rubbish, but when I remember Ithlinne's prophecy...
- Defiled blood?
- Defiled, unpure, cursed, can be all. If you remember, according to the Legend Falka was cursed because Lara Dorren aep Shiadhal cast a curse on her own mother... ” Times of contempt

Women of the Falka's Line were considered to be some kind of mutants, wich - because of the defiled blood - owned unusual, metaphysical abilities. Prophetesses, child-sources… These are manifestations of that uncommon power, hidden in yonder rhodium.