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The Witcher


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"Geralt finished his herbal beverage, grimacing mercilessly. He appriciated and liked settled elves for their intelligence, self-restraince and specific sense of humor, but their penchant for food and drink was for him completly inconceivable."

"The Last Wish"

Aen Seidhe are one of the elder races, they are long-lived and exceedingly beautiful, although now many of them look devastated becouse of the disease. Expressive, delicate and slim faces with outlined cheekbones are very characteristic to this race, as well as peaked noses. Quite an unpleasant element of their looks are small, caninesless teeth. Haughty and proud Aen Seidhe created a highly developed culture.

The elves have arrived on the Continent a thousand years before humans. They met dwarves there, who revolted them by their grotesque look, rustic behavior and complicated machines. A war broke out very quickly. The assailants step by step displaced inhabitants of the Continent east. Too many Aen Seidhe were dying though, and when waging the war became a threat to their existance, the battles have been suspanded until the appearance of new enemy - humans. Elves ignored them for a very long time, as they have seen them as harmless, funny little beings, though they did not know that those "funny little beings" were to be the bane of Aen Seidhe. When people felt strong and confident on the Continent, their expansion began. As an effect, elves were either butchered or forced to escape, what initiated a massive exodus to the east. In the area of contemporary Aedirn, Aeliren was born.Despite the objections of the elders, she instituted an uprising of the elven youth. During the the masacre of Shaerrawed, humans ruthlessly slayed young combatants. After the slaughter, some of the elves run away into the Blue Mountains or hid in the forests, others asimilated with humans, and a small part headed south, to the erea on today's Nilfgaard, where they become acquainted with local communities.

Elves can be divided into two groups. "Free elves" (as called by humans "forest", "sylvan" or "wild") did not agree to asimilate with humans and they live wherever they can, submiting only to their own law. They live mostly in forests and high mountains; nowadays most of them joined Scoia'tael. "civilizated" elves are those, who decied to asimilate with humans. They generally live in human cities, working as traders, craftsmen or innkeepers, sometimes local governors.

There are two Aen Seidhe enclaves: Blue Mountains , where they starve and suffer from diseases, and Dol Blathanna - ruled by a sorceress Enid an Gleanna, country dependent from Nilfgaard. Many young elves willingly join Scoia'tael in order to fight for freedom and non-humans rights.