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"Ebbed dwarves height and strength, equaled endurance and even exceed agility."

"Baptism of Fire"

Gnomes are the first intelligent race to appear on the Continent. They are slightly shorter than dwarves and significantly less massive, but they make up foragility and endurance. In contrast to dwarves, they rarely wear beards, though they are characterized by long, hsarp noses.

Gnomes hardly ever leave their underground shelters beacause of their propensity for science. This scientific cult gives them all the emotions they need, so they do not feel any need for contact with other races. They are practical and inventive, They can construct complicated machines of apparently unprofitable things. When it comes to technology, Gnomes are an entire age ahead of humans.

This ambitious and hardworking race have never created its own country; gnomish estates are sparsed in the mountains and hills of the entire Continent. The most gnomes live in Nilfgaardian massif Tir Tochair, and in Mahakam.

Few of them decided to join the Scoia'tael.