The Witcher

The Witcher


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" - I encountered a healer here, in the wilderness, in the Ina and Yaruga fork, where it si easier to find a werewolf, or even worse, a drunken lumberjack."

"A Road with No Return"

Lycanthropy is an illness, wich divests its victim of humanity, and every full moon, turns him into a wild, bloodthirsty beats, wich often hunts for people and other intelligent races.

Men with storng willpower can control themselves when they turn into the beats, even decide wether they want to be beat or a man, except the full moon.

There are a few ways to become a Lycanthrope. The first one is by casting a curse, wich causes materializing of a microrganism that slowly transforms the body of a man into a body of a beast. This microbe passes over the offspring, so you can also simply be born with lycanthropy. And, of course, the werwolf can beat us, which often causes the infection.

They are most sensitive to silver, but can be also harmed by other magical creatures, for example vampires.

We can distinguish three types of lycantrophes.

Werewolf - The most famous one. Changes into giant hybride of wolf and man, or just a big - apparently common - wolf.

Werecat - Changes into hybride of cat and man.

Wererats - changes into hybrides of rat and man.