The Witcher

The Witcher


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"Equally high as Gerlat. As Geralt, water was just below his waist, but an impressive, bristled ridge on his head and distended gills were making him look bigger. Grimace that crooked his wide, armed jews deceptively resembled cruel sneer."

"A Little Sacrifice"

Vodyanoi are an intelligent, ancient race living in the depths of sea. They are as high as humans, though they're less broad-shouldered. They look like fish humanoids with and impressive ridges on their heads. Their fishy eyes do not express any emotions, they're blank and appaling.

Fishpeople created their own advanced culture, they have their own language, they are able to make tools, weapons,and armament, including famous stones of Ys.

This underwater race is worshipped by brickmakers in the swamp as "Water Lords". Vodyanoi priests wield their power as good as human priests, sometimes as sorcerers. They recive their power from their uncountable gods they worship. Cultes of underwater idols have arisen lately among them.

They only known locations of their existance are: The underwater City Of Ys and depths of Viziman Lake.