The Witcher

The Witcher


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"Vedymins, or witcher among Nordlings. Mysterious and elite caste of warrior-preachers, probably druid splinter group. They were, as the mob belive, with magical powers and unhuman abilities, to face wraiths, monsters and all the evilness. In fact, achived mastery in swordsmanship, v. were used by Northern Kings in tribal fights. During fight, v. put themselves into a trance, caused, as deemed, autohypnosis or self-prepared drugs; they were completely resistant to pain and even serious damage, wich fortified superstitions about miraculous power. The theory about how genetic engineering or mutation were to be the origin of v. power, has not been confirmed. V. are heroes of many legends among Nordlings (por. F. Dellanoy, "Myths and Legends of Northern commons"). Effenberg and Talbot,
Maxima Mundi encyclopedia, volume XV "

"Times of Contempt "

Witchers are people that have been mutated and trained in monster killing since they wer kids. These mutations, called trials, are marked by very acutive selection - about three or four per five survives. the witchers are usually slim and pale, they have cat-like eyes, and as cats, they have darkvision. Some of the changes are completely unpredictable, so there are Witchers with plethoric or yellow eyes, with unusual hair colors, some of theme went grey very fast. Despite that, the mutations give them quite a lot of advantages: they are immune to ilness', they can adjust their heartbeat and blood preasure, see in darkness and move faster. Unfortunately, the monster killers are completely sterile - they can not have offspring. These days, there are only a few witchers, because a sorcerer is needed to perform the mutation, and none has access to witcher apparatus, ingredients and recipes that are only in Kaer Mohren.

There used to be three witcher schools: Griffin , in the caves ofAmell mountains , Cat , in Stygga Citadel andWolf , inKaer Morhen. Witchers are an effect of unsuccessful experiment, wich purpuse was to create Warrior-Sorcerers order. Organism mutations caused drastic limitation of magic skills, thus co Warrior-Sorcerers were only able to cast a few simple spells, and most of them became entirely emotionless. Despite the fact that mages stood up against "production" of warrior-sorcerers, local rulers have not ceased experiments, as they have spent quite a lot of money, and the effect, even though far from ideal, was not bad. There was one renegade among mages , who continued the experiments, worked out new recipes and the most effective way of performing the mutations. Angrysorcerers called result of those experiments "Witchers", that means male equivalents of primitive Witches. Trained monster killers went on their trails to defend people form monsters. At the very beginning, they were supposed to live only with money people would voluntarily give, but as that did not work out, they began to work for money.

Every Witcher owns two sword, as they say, to fight different monsters, but mob usually say that only the silver one is for monsters, and the second one is for man. When it comes to using them, it turns out that they are surely traind since little kids and there is not match for them in this domain. Before the fight Witchers prepare by taking various potions, wich help them in fight on many ways. During the fight they use sword and simple spells called signs. Six of those are well known: Aard, Igni, Akxii, Quen, Heliotrop and Yrden.