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V – Vitriol

A – Aether

R – Rebis

Q – Quebrith

Ve – Vermilion

H - Hydragenum

Alcohol is a base to any potion.

Usual potions

Name Duration Toxicity Ingredients Effect
White Gull Long Medium 2V+R Very strong alcohol, can be used as a base to other potions.
White Honey One-time effect None V+R+A Reduces all potion effects to zero(toxicity and effects).
Black blood Long High 3V+R+A If a vampire drinks Geralt's blood, it will die immediately.
White Raffard's decoction One-time effect High V+R+2H Immediately restores vitality.
Shrike Long High R+Q+H+2Ve Inflicts pain to enemies.
Petri's Philter Long Very high 2R+Q+H+Ve Increases signs intensity.
Thunderbolt Long High V+R+H+2Ve Increases damage, reduces dodge and defence.
Swallow Short Medium V+2R+A The most common and useful potion, increases vitality regeneration.
Cat Long Low R+2Q Allows to see in darkness.
Perfume Long High V+A+Q A perfect gift for the ladies.
Full Moon Long High Q+2H+2Ve Icreases max. vitality
Kiss Long Medium 2V+Ve Stops bleeding and icreases resistance to it.
Bindweed Long Medium A+Q+Ve Increases resistance to acid and acid-based poisons.
Tawny Owl Long Medium V+2A Increases endurance regeneration.
Wolverine Long High 2A+Q+H+Ve When vitality is less than a half, the damage increases.
Willow Long High 2A+Q Grants immunity to the stun and knockdown.
Golden oriole Long Medium 2V+2A Neutralizes posions in bloodstream, imporves poison resistance.
Wolf Long Medium 2V+2H+Ve Improves focus and coordination; increases chance of critical damage.
De Vries' Extract Short Medium R+A+2Q+H Allows to see all the opponents.
Blizzard Short Medium 2V+2R Improves reflexes and reaction time.
Wives tears One-time effect Low R+A+Q Removes inebriation completly.

Unique potions

Name Duration Toxicity Ingredients Effect
Hellhound's Soul One-time effect None V+2R+Trace of the Beyond Plus one silver talent.
Zeugl's Vigor One-time effect None R+2A+Zeugl's venom Plus one silver and one golden talent.
Kikimore's Ire One-time effect None V+Q+H+Ve+Kikimore queen nerv Access to "Mutation" talent.
Frightener's Vision One-time effect None V+R+Q Plus one Bronze talent.
Golem's Pith One-time effect None V+A+R+H+Golem's Heart Access to "Rising Moon" talent.
Koshchey's Core One-time effect None A+2H+Koshchey's Heart Plus one Golden talent.
Striga's Urge One-time effect None V+A+H+Striga's Heart Plus one bronze and one silver talent.
Werewolf's Wrath One-time effect None A+Q+H+Ve+Werewolf's Fur Access to "Predator" talent.
Dagon Sap One-time effect None R+A+H+Ve+Dagon secretions Access to "True Grift" talent.
Triss' medicine One-time effect None V+R+Frightener's Claw Medicine we have to bring Triss.