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The Witcher

In the words of Dandelion, part 1

Submited on: Thursday, 29 September 2011 19:30 / by: Heavy Metal

Release date of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has passed by, and the Internet is now full from articles, reviews, almost glory songs (the game deserves it anyway). However, we have prepared something else, namely the impressions from the first act of the game, written by the master of poetry. Have a nice time reading a small part of Dandelion's art.

Dear wanderer, the story I'm going to tell you will not be a beautiful one, neither it was for our hero. If you are looking for tales about brave knights saving their beloved princess', head to the Free Marches, and leave the Kingdom of Temeria to it's inhabitants. It will be a story about Geralt of Rivia, known as the Witcher, monster-killer, erudite and a warrior trained incredibly in his art. Sit down then, listen to the world around you, for here, every stone, tree, even a fish agrees - game such good as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has not been seen long enough.

Let me first Introduce myself. Julian Alfred Pankratz is my name, viscount de Lettenhove, though some of you, especially those I have drunk and eaten with, call me Dandelion. I am a hand and a pen, a book filled with variety of verses, still waiting for the author to finish it. May the gods protect you if CD Projekt's new product has not got your attention. The very first minutes of the game will make you fall in love with it, just like Triss has fallen in love with Geralt. Everything your eyes can possibly see has been solicitously polished in a matchless and rarely seen these days way. From the main menu (wich changes its look depending on where you currently are in the game), to the video options, numerous as scars on Geralt's body. Literally everything!

But don't let the requirements discourage you. Artificers from a far away land that we could only hear of, took great care of not only polishing the game, but also optimizing it, so anyone can see our magnificent land and it's disgraceful Interregnum. Dear wanderer, you must know that our lord and king, merciful, but brutal Foltest has been assassinated by an unknown evil doer. There are actually some rumors that somebody saw his eyes...eyes of the Witcher. Ironicly, Geralt was the first one to be found with kings body, therefore, due to lack of evidence, he has been thrown for prison.

While talking to Vernon Roche, aide of sainted crowned head, Geralt remembers what actually happened before king’s death. Retrospections are, of course, a playable element of the game, what makes them a lesson of living and surviving in Temeria - Kingdom as grandiose as wild. Those rigorous lessons will punish even the smallest mistake with injuries, that hardly ever will not be lethal. To avoid them, Geralt has to remember everything that made others talk about him. Indistinct images of meditation, alchemy and journal, including my own humble notes, slowly began to sharpen, and memories helped in his journey.

Sometimes even the most imperturbable companion gets furious, fear him when he actually does. In the very first act of our story Geralt noticed, how exigent can a simple fight be, and yet, he's no rustic. You must really rack your brain to save own neck. Numerial superiority will hardly ever be on your side. Only by dispensing quick and power strikes, frequently dodging the enemy, blocking or riposting enemies attacks and simultaneously activating your magic signs, wich Geralt acquired as a freak of a nature, give you a chance to avoid death. Chroniclers unanimously proclaim, that struggles in Ferelden, Free Marches or Ehb are nothing compared to good, old Temerian skirmish.

Wanderer, you probably heard that Geralt of Rivia is agnized as a renegade, a person who talks off the top of kings heads, not worrying about the consequences, or, as some - including me - say, appreciating them. But there is no rose without spikes and acting like that changes not only the Witcher himself, but the world surrounding him as well, so a wise thing is being careful of what you say.

In a complex world like Temeria, you may chose almost everything, therefore, a simple problem has many solutions. And all the people, rustics and nobles, tell stories, how Geralt solved problems wich began to fall on his head incredibly fast. Some say about a silver, blood-stained blade, the others about his terrific strength of persuasion, you can hear about uncommon sneaking gift as well.

As a chronicler, I have seen many things in my life, I witnessed situations, that can not be described by words, I took part in events as noble as lustful. I am not proud of all of them, but one thing I know for sure - a plot as complex and elaborated, wich a really small part I introduced to you, my eyes have not seen. Geralt of Rivia himself, who has been inconceivably brought back to life, and his wandering in the search for Assassin of Kings, is something that you will not find in any book, doesn't matter if ancient or modern.