The Witcher

The Witcher

In the words of Dandelion, part 2

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Here is the second part of the story about the newest game created by CD Projekt entitled The Witcher - The Assasins of Kings, told by Dandelion probably the most unconventional bard we have had the pleasure to listen to in fantasy games and books. This time, however, it is in order to warn you, this is not a description of the game itself, the story is more of the plot. (Spoiler warning)

Dear wanderer, I see that my story of the Rivian Geralt, called in various books The White Wolf, has sparked your interest so much that you are craving for more. That being the case, let me tell you about Flotsam today, and you must know that calling the settlement "peevish" is nothing more than a top of an iceberg of slander you can lay on it. On the other hand the place filled with all kinds of scum becomes a centre of a serious political intrigue in which my humble person also has its place.

Today`s story will by a bit shorter as my bones still carry the burden of the slaughter which took place recently, no further than a day of travel from here. Goddamnit! I was not supposed to tell you that, but sooner or later everybody willing to listen would deduce such a thesis by themselves. Back to the point, however.

If it was not for pure chance Geralt would probably never set his witcher's foot in the pitiful God-forsaken town, however, I`ll be damned if I know what drove him. Let`s not get ahead of things, as the story will end sooner than a Nekker`s jump - and that is not what we want. After he has fled the prison of baroness La Valette, though as some say it was all staged beforehand. The White Wolf embarked on a journey after Iorweth, one of the most wanted Elvish bandits in the Pontar valley, though the character is more complex than it may seem at first, but that is a completely different story. The only thing you need to know is the fact that Iorweth was in a small, yet huge way connected with the king slayer - this information has reached our hero through Vernon Roche an officer of the Temerian Special Forces ,whom I`m personally found of as much as I am of a gibbet, like the one on which i were to be hung. You must now, that if it was not for the Witcher and his sane mind somebody else would be writing these words in my place, what would naturally make the story boring and empty of it`s epic bloom. I would be dangling like a scare-crow in the center of the Flotsam market sqare to the joy of the locals and (what is worse) their brats.

If one wanted to define Flotsam in a one, not very sophisticated sentence, one could say it is a township with a remarkable hypertrophy of form over content especially in terms of politics, and if a Bard like me wishes to describe the whole commotion in two words the Bard will say only: Commander Loredo. Calling this individual a scum is a slander for all scum, that have worked to deserve the title for years, but authority is authority and respect (however feigned) is to be shown, to live a more or less normal life in the town. That is if you are human, as non-humans are really sarded, and the authority, though after the death of King Foltest it is hard to find authority as such, as the self nominated ambassadors and other whimps are not to be treated seriously, has racisism deep in their pouches. It is none of my business anyhow, but my friend and drinking companion Zoltan - he would gladly tell you a story or two. Zoltan ... yeah that`s a headstrong one. Not once have I tried to down the same number of pints with him, every time it ended with me under the table, where I spent the time till morning. Apart from his remarkable drinking abilities the dwarf has some very good connections... for a dwarf that is, though his fondness for the Scoiatel puts his being a dwarf into question, at least in my eyes.

Nevertheless, in Flostsam the Witcher reminded himself what it meant to be a witcher thanks to the board, on which the brave ones of the town, not able to manage themselves alongside with the corrupt small town authorities, placed contracts of a various sort. The White Wolf gained his first trophies, which were later proudly hung from a hook on his jacket. Not all the creatures were a piece of cake for the silver blade of the witchers sword. Some of them, and one of them in particular could cause some problems for any swordsman even as skilled in the art as Geralt. The Folk called the creature Kejran; his mere sight caused a great lot of men not blessed with nerves of steel shit their pants. The monstrosity itself mutated through magic of the sort I have no knowledge of found liking in the local waters and from time to time attacked the vicinity, mostly, however, the creature blocked the local port. Some were quite pleased with the situation - Loredo. Others were infuriated - merchants.

Can you imagine that in the veins of the creature (if it actually had veins) was the substance which had immerse meaning for the balance of power in Aedrin, one of the realms of the North? When I learnt about it my face looked exactly the same as yours now. Loredo was involved in the whole thing as well as Roche, Iorweth and the Kingslayer himself. Of the details I will tell you another time, however, as the bone-fire is burning up and the darkness of the night envelops our encampment. Event the best of the bards deserves a moment of rest.