The Witcher

The Witcher


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Flaming Rose

Having suppressed the rebel of the Order of the Flaming Rose andsaving king Foltest`s life - Geralt gets caught in the political stormin the Kingdom of Temeria. The Witcher supports the monarch in hisquest to restore order in the realm.

The last stand of the brotherhood finally falls before the King`sarmies. Only the castle of the rebellious castle of the Baroness LaValette, who has separated herself from the kingdom. A month after theattempt on king Foltest`s life the monarch`s armies stand at the gateof the castle in preparation for the final battle. In the meantimeGeralt is engaged in the protection of the King and cannot indulgehimself in the issue which is the most intriguing to him - themysterious witcher assasin.

Take the Role of Geralt a professional monster slayer who has beenpulled into the world of political intrigues of the Kingdom of Temeriahelping to thwart the rebellion incited by the Order of the FlamingRose, saving the life of the king and protecting him from uncannyassassins. In the second part of the Saga Geralt remains in the centerof events. Embark upon a quest to reveal the identity of the group ofassailants responsible for the murders on the rules of the NorthernKingdoms. It is you who has to to discover the connection the grouphas with winchers and shed light on their true intentions. Theinvestigation will lead you along the Pontar river, up to thenorderlans of Temeria, Kaedwen and Aedrin - torn by wars and localconflict in the midst of the conflict of the most powerful entities ofthis world.