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When this article was first created the main characters participating in the second part of the game have not yet been revealed, however, basing on the trailer one can make the some assumptions. (The article will be updated with new characters). The Witcher`s inseparable companion will and always has been Dandelion. Another companion is Zolatan Chivay, one of the dwarfs who participated in the battle of Brenna, one of the squad that disposed of the Nilfgaardian Marshal Menno Coehoorn in this very battle. He of course will participate as one of the warriors underestimated by humans, shedding his blood for them. We cannot forget the beautiful redheaded sorcerers from the hills of Sodden - Triss Merigold. She is the one with the most mental and physical contact with our bohateremprotagonist. Here is the team led by the Witcher himself, they stand strong where others stood before them like Cahir, Regis, Milva, Dandelion and Angouleme.

Vernon Roche

Vernon Roche (concept art) Vernon Roche (render)

Is and example of a man who achieved everything by himself. He personally tracked down the scoia`tael squads during the war with Nilfgaard, he in person led their leaders to be hung, with his own hands he drew elven arrows from his body,. Foltest quickly understood that a talent such as this must not be limited to the extermination of partisans. Thus Temeria`s enemies are numerous, not only the Scoia`tael. . Vernon Roche has been promoted and became a man entrusted with special assignments. A man who was not afraid to get his hands dirty -so to say. Since he became the right hand of the king, he has compromised conspiracies, infiltrated invigorators of foreign countries. For years he has gathered a small squad of thugs who would die for him. There are amongst them headstrong fighters, experts on interrogation as well as soundless scouts. Roche is a grand tactician and leads his subordinates well. His team has suffered just a single failure - to capture the infamous bandit Iorewth. There are rumors about Vernon, they say for instance that if all his enemies paid him an Oren, he would be able to buy out Temeria with all adjacent territories, and when all of his friends gather to the funeral he would have to bury himself. It is also said that if you throw him a dagger into the coffin he can do it.


Iorweth (concept art) Iorweth (render)

For some he is the most wanted bandit in the valley of the river Pontar, for others - a steadfast defender of non-human rights. During the war with Nilfgaard he led a commando of Scoia`tael which reduced the forces of the Southern Kingdoms, for months later the squad has eluded the Temerian Special Forces. Orweth also survived a bloody onslaught. When his squad has been broken, he gathered the veterans wronged with injustice, the rebellious elven youth, the hunted by the law dwarven mercenaries. He created a squadron, which became a legend. Ioreweth knows no mercy for his enemies. With equally cruelty he treats the humans and the collaborating elves . Hidden in the woods on the borders of Temeria and Aedrin he attacks the rich and slaughters the poor. On many occasions has he fought with the soldiers of the Temeria`s special forces always able to escape the siege. For Vernon Roache he is the enemy number one. For local garrisons he is the nemesis, from which one can only hide behind the walls of a fortress. But still the infamous Iorweth has his secret. Those who consider him only a beast of war, lost in the cruelty of a rebel are wrong. Iorweth is also an elf the son of a proud and sophisticated race. The servant of an ideal, which will be heard all around the world.


Jaskier (concept art) Jaskier (render)

As the world needs heroes to defend it from evil, the heroes need bards to protect their name from oblivion, singing ballads of their great and noble deeds and rather silly deaths. And as the crossroad taverns are filled with homegrown musicians, entitling themselves to be minstrels few of them really count - including of course Dandelion. To call gem the greatest artist among lovers is maybe a bit of an abuse, although the rest of the seduced women may be wrong. Dandelion has accompanied Gerald for almost forever, and despite the fact that today nobody remembers how it all started, it is hard to imagine things differently. A foul mouth, the sense of tact of a jester and ego the size of a sawmill kingdom, these are the traits of his character, which would once end the two to on gallows, if it was not for the speed of the Witchers blade. That, it may seem, is the price of friendship.


Triss (concept art) Triss (render)

At first, she wasn't known only for the most beautiful auburn hair, a promising but humble sorcerers. When everybody has thought that she has died alongside thirteen other magicians at the Hill of Sodden, she was called the Fourteenth from the Hill. Unlike others she is not aiming to provoke scandals. She is not as powerful as Filippa Eilhart, non as famous as Francesca Findabair, yet, fate makes her participated in milestone events. Thanks to her uncommon talent and courage she always emerges victorious from the trials. Gerald acknowledged her help in the past in the times of need, it was her help that led to the destruction of the Salamander, she stopped the rebellion brought to life be the leader of the Order of the Flaming Rose. After the attempt on king Foltest`s life Triss and Gerald work together again, the sorcerers can be with the man of her heart again, against all the odds.

Zoltan Chivay

Zoltan Chivay (concept art) Zoltan Chivay (render)

Zoltan Chivay is one of the few close people for Gerald. They became acquainted by chance, when a few years ago following his destiny Gerald was in search for Ciri, and Zoltan was in search for a rumble and riches. During the commotion for the war both of them saved each other`s skin more than once, changing the accidental acquaintance into lasting friendship. While not in combat Zoltan tends to his beautiful dwarven traditions, like starting brawls in taverns, gambling away his soldiers pay playing cards or getting drunk as there is no tomorrow. Being curious of the world Gerald has on occasion participated in Zoltan`s cultural tradition, which he usually regretted the day after, when his cracking head was clear on the events of the night before. Despite this, Gerald treasures this friendship and the blade of the ax wielded by Zoltan, knowing that is better to suffer from a hangover from time to time than to wake up without a head at all.



Another character leaked through Dev Diary #3 about the characters in Witcher 2 is Detmold of Ban Ard. A specialist in the element of wind. About his role in the plot there is little knowledge, but we can guess, that he will be one of the major characters, with an influence on the plot development. He was a mage at he court of Esterad of Covir, later on he moved to Henselt of Kaedwen.
Detmold hates the Scoia`tael, since the Thanedd rebellion, when the non-humans murdered his brother.


Tajemniczy zabójca (concept art) Tajemniczy zabójca (render)

If you consider the Magister to be the most wanted criminal then you are wrong. The described assassin a mountain crusher with a face plowed with numerous scares is wanted in every kingdom of the north. Despite the effort no one was able to capture him. The chase is seconds late, sometimes minutes or hours. Each and every step of this man is marked with blood, murdered brutally at the hands of the giant. What is more, fate crossed his and Gerald paths once ... Just after having returned from the Isle of Dreams where Gerald and Yennefer were taken by Ciri. Letho was crushed by a Dracolizard`s tail. The White Wolf helped him, that is why the Witcher from the school of the serpent helped him to track down the Wild Hunt... why? You will learn - playing the game.