The Witcher

The Witcher

Women in the way of the White Wolf

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So let me tell you folks another story of the famous White Wolf. And be quiet! I know there are many stories of the famous Geralt of Rivia, but does any of these stories describes his amorous conquest? Ahhh! I`ve got you now! If someone has heard a tale of the conquest of this Witcher raise your hand and tell us in my stead. I solemnly promise, will go into the corner and eat my little hat along with the grouse feather in it. So? Nobody? I thought so. So my good folk be silent, please, and let the tale begin.

Act I

Triss Merigold

The thing took place in Flotsam, a small township within the boarders of Temeria stuck between Redania, Kaedwen, Aedrin, and if that is not enough, the Mahakam massif. What did the Witcher do in Flotsam in the first place, you ask? That is another story, which I will not mention here, as today I`ll be speaking only of the greatest of feelings, and not of such wretched things as politics. Geralt directed his footsteps, for reasons known only to him and maybe someone else, to the elven ruins located in a nearby forest. He didn`t got alone however. That he did not. His companion was no other than Triss Merigold. What? You don`t know who the heck is Triss? Oh great Melitele! How can you not know one of the sorceresses that turned the Withe Wolf`s head around?! Be ashamed of yourself! Not all is lost, my good folks, I, not to brag know everything about her, Triss is a beautiful magician . Though at least a hundred years old, when it comes to the Mandrake elixir in her case caution is thrown to the wind as is the case with all sorceresses wit at least a little self respect, her body is that of a goddess. Beautifully, firm and sizable breasts. Alabaster skin, fiery red hair, and that arse, what an arse! Round and firm and by the gods how she uses it. Echh I`m getting off merit here... it`s good to have dreams at times, right? Comming back to the story though. Geralt in his search for the Rose of Remembrance went to the ruins of an elven garden. Once there he spotted a group of robbers trying to destroy the wonderful statue of an elven couple. When in combat Geralt and Triss fell into an underground hall. A wondrous chamber, with a pool of water in the middle. Aen Sdhe built these before the first human sails were seen in the Pontar Valey. Geralt Being a Witcher, an occupation which leaves little free time, has also little time for a one-on-one with women. As I am, really I am, a gentleman I will not tell you exactly what happened in the chamber, know, however that the Witcher suggested a bath and Triss agreed. Nope, mayor I shall not tell you. Yet, I know you have an itching in your pants to learn the details. But my only wish is to protect you and myself from the wrath of women present here in this very room and the beating that we would get if i said another word on the topic. So I leave it to your imagination.


Yet, Triss was not the only lover of the Whit Wolf in the settlement of Flotsam. Oh no. To the list one has to add at least three ladies of easy virtue from the local brothel. The names of these ladies where Arnessa, Julia and Pomona, the service of each costs about 100 orens.

Act II: Iorweth`s Path

Gdy wiedźmin przyłączył się do rebeliantów pod przywództwem Iorwetha, stanął przed wyborem. Ratować czy zabijać. Przypomniawszy sobie o swym powołaniu, dzielny i nieulękniony wiedźmin ruszył ratować elfki, które miały spłonąć w pożarze. Gdy już dokonał tego jakże chwalebnego czynu, odpłyną wraz z wiewiórkami do Vergen, krasnoludzkiej osady. Geralt znów zaplątał się w politykę, tak jak mucha w pajęczą sieć. Jak wspominałem wcześniej, nie bajać mi o plugastwie jeno o uczuciach wyższych!


When the witcher joint the rebels under Iorweth`s command he had to choose, save or kill. Having remembered his calling, the brave and fearless witcher set of to rescue the elves which were to burn in the fire. When he achieved this solemn deed, he sailed of with the Scoia`tael to Vergen, a dwarven settlement. Geralt got involved into politics once more, as a fly gets caught into a spider`s web. As I mentioned before I which not to speak of the squalid politics but of the ars amandi. So, as Geralt wondered around in the vicinity of Vergen and near the mines of the founders he came across a gorgeous elven lady. A lady he has met before, it was Slota, one of the ones he saved from the fire. After a short conversation, the elf came to a conclusion that Geralt deserves a moment of fun for what he did. You have to agree that even a dumbass would agree?

The Succubus

Before entering the tavern, Geralt was confronted by an elf, Ele`yas, who after a short while hired the witcher to discover the source of the strange murders in Vergen. Geralt checked the corpses, and at first thought the victims were attacked by a succubus. The witcher wanted to drew out the monster. As he learnt he needed poetry for that, and knowing as little as poetry as he does, he had to address his companion, Me. What does a man mean without his friend? Exactly! Nothing! I helped to draw out the monstrosity and Geralt was able to act. Succubus admitted to having seduced men but not to killing them,. As the guilty one it pointed out the elf which hired the witcher to kill the succubus , Our witcher is a strange witcher indeed? But praise the gods and the witcher for that - the succubus was right, it was Ele`yas who murdered the lovers, as he was himself in love. The elf attacked Geralt and the witcher had to protect himself. Having defeated the elf Geralt spent a few nice moments with the demoness.

Act II: Roche`s Path


How did Geralt get into a relationship with this beautiful soldier? The explanation is really quite easy, he beat her up first at the arena. I know it's weird but I`m not making it up. It was how it was! Tell me yourselves, do you understand women? No! Nobody understands women, you beat one up, she`ll cry her arse off, and another will ask to be beat up, and if she doesn`t get what she wants she`ll cry her arse off and so on...

Hookers, harlots and whores

As the worlds stood and will stand there will always be a war somewhere. And where there is a war there is the need for soldiers, and where there are soldiers they are men of battle, and where the men of battle are there the fun is needed. So wherever an army goes the fun girls follow. it wasn`t any different with Henslet`s army. Madame Karoll was in charge of the brothel and she had five of her ladies. their names - who remember the names. The price as usuall 100 orens.