The Witcher

The Witcher

Walkthrough: Act I

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  1. Of monsters and Men
  2. The Salamander's Tail
  3. Strangers in the Night
  4. Buried Memories
  5. Secret Garden
  6. Racists*
  7. Hot Potato*
  8. She's No Early Bird*
  9. Dead Hand of the Past*
  10. Wanted
  11. A game of Dice
  12. Dice Poker: The Novice

Of monsters and Men

Employer: Reverend
Task: To defeat The Beast
Reward: Posibility of entering Vizima, Trace of the Beyond from Beast's body.

The beast and it's "friends" terrorize the outskirts, they attack two travelers by night: a child and a woman.
The boy escapes, but his nanny fells of and stays outside the gate.

  1. One of the travelers opens the gate. 4 barghests run into it, we have to kill them. We must not come close to the green flames!
  2. After defeating the dogs, Alvin declaims the prophecy. Shani, a medic and a friend of ours will take care of him. She has heard someting about The Salamander and she will send us to The Reverend - a priest who lives near the shrine.
  3. Daytime, Reverend is somewhere near the shrine, in the night he sleeps in a house next to the shrine. We can learn something about Berengar when we talk to him.
    He promises to help us in chase after The Salamander and entering Vizima if we wil get rid of The Beast.
  4. The first task is to light five candels in five Eternal Fire shrines. We can do it only by night.
    Barghests will proceed to attack us through the way.
  5. After finishing point 4, The Reverned will send us to Abigail, he thinks she summoned The Beast.
    Go to the witch and talk to her. She needs five White Myrtle Petals.
    Now, there are two ways of collecting them:
    • harvest them (we need special skill and a book, wich we can buy form Abigail)
    • Buy from a merchant near a Tavern.
    When we give her the petals and wait a few hours(or simply leave her house and enter again) She will give Alvin the brew.
    Alvin will declaim the prophecy again, but this time, we can learn something useful, we will also obtain Berengar notations about the Beast, including a Hellhound's Soul recpie.

  6. It's good to finish side quests before talking to The Reverned.
  7. The Reverned will simply tell us to do something else. And, he'll give us 200 orens.


  8. While doing The Salamander's Tail quest, we will meet Abigail in the cave. She will teall us about hidden facts of the outskirts.
  9. Outside the cave, angry mob is waiting for Abigail. We must talk to the mob anc chose if Abigail is guilty or not.
    Depending on what we have chosen, mob or Abigail will help us fighting The Beast.
  10. Fighting The Beast is something unavoidable, but not so hard. When we defeat it, we will recive a safe conduct pass and an unique alchemical component that we are going to take out of Beast's body.


    We are surrounded by flames. With help of Abigail or the mob, it shouldn't be a hard fight, but The Beast keep summoning barghests.
    Swallow and Blizzard will come in handy. Killing the Barghests first and then the Beast is a good idea.

The Salamander's Tail

Beginning: While talking to Shani on the beginning of first chapter.
Task: To kill The Salamander on the outskirts.
Reward: Tawny Owl's book.

  1. Shani sends us to The Reverned.
  2. Reverend agrees to help us, if we will gain local community trust. We must finish 3 quests:
    • Strangers in the Night
    • Buried Memories
    • Secret Garden.
  3. After fnishing them, we should go to Abigail's house. We can learn something about inhabitants of the outskirts, also, she will tell us t that The Reverned took Alvin.
  4. The Reverned sends us to The Tavern, so we can get the key to The Salamander's hideout. We must fight to defend Shani when we get there.
    After the fight, we take the key out of the inkeeper's body.
  5. Hideout is in one of the abadoned houses, near the bifurcation of the roads. Fight with 2 guards in front of the house
    and 4 thugs inside awaits us. Head downstairs through the lapel. In the cave we will learn new facts about
    Berengar and fight with Salamander's boss on the outskirts. Seach through entire hideout and take all the items like
    Tawny Owl's book, wich contains recpies stolen from Kaer Morhen. Destroy pointed by Alvin rock and get out of the cave.

    A part of the "Of monsters and Men" quest happens here.

  6. Return to the Inn and head to Vizima with Shani.
    Show Mikul the safe conduct pass. Unfortunately, he passes us to city guards.

End of the First Chapter.

Other quests

Strangers in the Night

Employer: Haren Brogg
Task: To kill the Drowners.
Reward: Reverned's respect, 200 orens

  1. Talk to Haren and show him eternal fire signet ring, wich The Reverned gave to us. Or simply bribe him with 60 orens.
  2. Meditate until midnight and kill th Drowners.
  3. Scoia'tel will apear when the fight is over. They think we're Brogg's agent and they want to pick up the goods.It turns out that Haren is a Havekar.

    We can let them take te goods or kill them. Our choice will has influence on future happenings.

Buried Memories

Employer: Mikul
Task: To kill the ghouls in the crypt.
Reward:Reverned's respect, 200 orens

  1. Talk to Mikul and show him eternal fire signet ring, wich The Reverned gave to us. Or bribe him with 40 orens. He'll give us a key to the crypt.
  2. Next to the crypt there is a girl's body. Take the empty vial and kill the ghouls.
    Aard sign will come in handy.

    There is an Inside Fire Circle in the crypt, that we can lear an Igni sign from.

  3. Go back to Mikul, on the bridge Kalkstein is being threatend by Salamander.

    If we helped Vesemir, we face a mage, two thugs and mutated dog. If we have fought with Savolla, we face four thugs and a mage.

  4. Talk to Mikul and recive the reward. After this quest, the second part of the crypt is opened and we can begin
    The king of The Crypt quest.

Secret Garden

Employer: Odo
Task: To defeat "plants"
Reward: Reverned's respect, 100 orens

  1. Talk to Odo and drik with him or show him Eternal Fire signet ring.
  2. We have to face the plants drunk, so it won't be easy at the beginning. After killing them, retur to Odo and recive your money.

Side quests*


Beginning: In fisherman village.
Reward: Dices, meeting Zoltan.

Help old frind to fight racists.

  1. Kill four racists.

    If we decided to help, Zoltan fights with us; if we didn't help, Zoltan crosses with us.

  2. Take the poker dice out of thugs bodies and talk to Zoltan. If we didn't help him, we can simply tell him that
    we lost our memory.

    We can learn something about playing Dice poker and begin quests: A game of Dice and Dice Poker: The Novice.

Hot Potato

Employer: Haren Brogg
Reward: Money from Coleman.

After finishing Strangers in the Night, Haren asks us to deliver the package to Coleman, Who usually sits in "The Hairy Bear".

Quest can be completed only in Chapter II.

  1. After "Prison Break" we'll find out that there is no package in deposit. Jethro says, it has been taken.
  2. Head to the Inn and find Coleman. There are 3 ways to do this:
    • pay 100 orens,
    • Piss him off (get ready to fight),
    • Tell him it has been confiscated by guards.

She's No Early Bird

Beginning: Near the Inn, only by night
Task: To save and escort Vesna
Reward: Sex with Vesna

  1. Fight the bandits, tell Vesna you can escort her.
  2. Watch out for Vesna, near shrines barghests will attack you.
  3. If we escorted her, we can go out with her. You need to meet her in front of local mill and bring a botle of wine.

Dead hand of the Past

Employer: Declan Leuvaarden
Task: To find merchant's friend, if he's dead, burry him
Reward: 200 orens

  1. Head to the cave, kill the echinopses and take the dead man skull. Igni sign will come in handy.
  2. Go and burry the miserable man. Talk to the Reverend, He will give us the key to the sarcophagus. Enter the chapel and put the skull into it. Suddenly, a Wild Hunt King appears, after talking to him, we will have to fight Leo.
  3. Go to Leuvarden to recive your reward.


Beginning: When you find Professor's arrest warrant
Task: To kill the Professor.
Reward: All he had with him

A game of Dice

Beginning: After talking to Zoltan about dices

  1. In Chapter I, talk to Zoltan abou dices.
  2. Finish quest - Dice Poker: The Novice and talk to Zoltan.
  3. Finish quest - Dice Poker: The Proffesional and talk to Zoltan.
  4. Finish quest - Dice Poker: The Sharper and talk to Zoltan
  5. Final - a game with king Foltest.

Dice Poker: The Novice

Beginning: After beginning A game of Dice
Task: To win with 3 players
Reward: Money

  1. We have to win with one of those:
    • Zoltan Chivay
    • Odo
    • Mikul
    • Haren Brogg
    • Carmen
    • Vaska
    • Gardener.