The Witcher

The Witcher

Walkthrough: Act II

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  1. Prison Break
  2. Vizima Confidential
  3. The Crown Witness
  4. Suspects:
    • Vincent
    • Ramsmeat
    • Vivaldi
    • Thaler
    • Leuvaarden
    • Kalkstein.
  5. Anotomy of a Crime
  6. What Lies Beneath
  7. Clay Pits
  8. The Sentry
  9. A Mysterious Tower
  10. Monoliths
  11. A game of Dice*
  12. A Gravedigger’s Gratitude*
  13. Rat*
  14. Working Girls*
  15. An Old friend of mine*
  16. Memory of a Blade*
  17. Safe Haven*
  18. Flowers and Gold*
  19. A Pilgrimage*
  20. The Cannibal*
  21. Worth its Weight in Gold*
  22. A Lost Lamb*
  23. A Long Way from Home*
  24. Force Recon*
  25. Kościany poker: zawodowiec*
  26. Finders Keepers*
  27. A Restless Ghost*
  28. A Most Uncommon Wine*
  29. A ghost story*
  30. The Dogcatcher of Vizima*
  31. Contracts:
    • Alghules,
    • Drowned dead,
    • Echinopses,
    • Wolves.
    • The Beast of the Sewers
    • Bloodthirsty Vegetation.

Prison Break

Employer: Vincent Meis, after playing poker with an Elf
Reward: 400 orens.

  1. To get out of the prison, we need to kill a cockatrice from The Sewers. We need to defeat a daredevil, who also wants to kill the cockatrice. After the fight, Jethro will give us a few potions and a silver sword.
  2. In the sewers we will meet Siegfried, a knight of Flaming Rose, who also wants to kill the cockatrice.
    We can chose if we want him to fight by our side or not, depending on what we said, Siegfried will guard the Hospital or the Dike.
  3. The cockatrice is poinet on our map, it shouldn't be hard to find him. It's a big opponent, though. Take the head out as a trophy. There is also a sephirot, wich we will need in Mysterious Tower quest.
  4. Together, head to the exit, where a group of bandits will attack. Quests Vizima Confidential and Suspect: Vincent Meis. Head to the Vizima dungeon.
  5. Take all your stuff out of the chest.

Vizima Confidential

Employer: Raymond Maarloeve
Task: To find out who works for Javed. and where is Azar's hideout.

  1. Talk to the detective; mention Javed if you don't want to pay 100 orens.
  2. Raymond suggests to stay in his house until midnight, because he thinks someone could follow us. Get out of the house and kill the Salamanders.
  3. The detective gives us hits, where we can start the investigation. At this moment, we should finish The Crown witness quest. Raymond suggests talking to Kalkstein. To gain his trust, we must find "Ain Soph Aur" and "The secret Gates" books (Mysterious Tower quest).
  4. Next time we visit Raymond, we will have to defend him from a group of Salamanders. He decieds to escape and work incognito, however, he managed to find six suspects:
    • Ramsmeat,
    • Thaler,
    • Leuvaarden,
    • Vivaldi,
    • Vincent,
    • Kalkstein.
  5. The decective wants to meet us after some time. He tells us to do the autopsy of a witness (zadanie Anotomy of a Crime).
  6. The results will be different, depending on what we managed to find out. The quest is over after opening the Tower on the swamp.

The Crown Witness

Beginning: After beginning Vizima Confidential
Reward: information for the investigation

  1. Go to Jethro in order to talk to the prisoner. He will not tell us a thing without Fisstech. We can buy it from Coleman (if we killed the elves in act I). We can also take it out of Salamander's bodies, each one has a portion.
  2. Jethro will tell us that the prisoner was moved to The Hospital .
  3. We can talk to the guards only by night, and, we will have to pay one of them.
    The prisoner stammers and we can hear one word - "Kalkstein" . Ramsmeat thugs attack us after that. Quests Suspect: Ramsmeat and Suspect: Kalkstein begin now.
  4. Go to Raymond and tell him what happened.

Suspect: Vincent Meis

Beginning: after getting at least one trace
Reward: City Guard Signet

  1. When we ask him about the Salamander for the first time, he will mention meeting in the warehouse. It will, of course, end up with a fight. Talk to Vincent once again to learn more.
  2. We can find traces while talking to:
    • Siegfried in the Sewers,
    • Raymond ( After beginning Vizima Confidential),
    • Jethro,
    • guards when we ask them about The Salamander.
  3. Decide if Vincent is guilty. You will recive a City Guard Signet as a reward

Suspect: Ramsmeat

  1. Traces:
    • While talking to Ramsmeat, when we notice that his people are nervous while talking about The Salamander,
    • Randomly, from the slum inhabitants,
    • While doing The Crown Witness quest,
    • As a result of Anatomy of A crime
  2. Decide if Ramsmeat is guilty or innocent, talk to him.

Suspect: Vivaldi

  1. Traces:
    • While talking to Jethro about the Proffesor,
    • While talking to one of the dwarves in "Little Mahakam",
    • While doing Worth its Weight in Gold quest.
  2. Decide if guilty or innocent.

Suspect: Thaler

  1. Traces:
    • From Jethro, when we give him the fisstech,
    • While talking to Thalerem about a silver sword,
    • From a Mysterious Stranger in front of Thaler's house (21.00 - 00.00).
  2. Decide if guilty or innocent.

Suspect: Leuvaarden

  1. Traces:
    • From Raymond,
    • Randomly, from the mercs at the Dike,
    • From a bloodied letter at the Swamp, near the Viverns.
  2. Decide if guilty or innocent.

Suspect: Kalkstein

  1. Traces:
    • While talking to Ramsmeat,
    • While doing The Crown Witness quest,
    • As a result of Anatomy of a crime
  2. Decide if guilty or innocent.

Anatomy of a crime

Beginning: While talking to Raymond

We have to pay Raymond his "salary"; he will mention that the prisoner has died and we need to do an autopsy.

  1. Go to Shani and ask her for help. She will advise, that we should prepar for the autopsy. We will ned books such as "Forensic medicine" and " Zerrikanian Insects and Other Vermin". They can be purchased from the antiquary.
  2. The gravedigger will provide the body if we give him a bottle of a good alcohol.
  3. Go to the hospital about midnight and help Shani do the autopsy. The results are different, depending on what we know.

What lies benath

Beginning: After suspects quests, when we notice that something's wrong.

  1. Look for the traces on your own.
  2. Go to Kalkstein and plan and ambush.

Clay Pits

Employer: Vaska
Reward: Sephiret Kezath

  1. Go to the Clay Pits and kill all of the drawners.
  2. Return to recive your reward.

The Sentry

Beginning: While talking to Kalkstein about the tower and talking to Vaska.
Reward: Sephiret Nehtza and A Golem's obsidian heart.

  1. After Vaska tells us the legend, return to Kalkstein. He tells us how to wake the Golem up - we will need a lightning rod, and a storm.
  2. The lightning rod can be provided by either Malcolm Stein or The order Blacksmith; The druids will summon a storm if we pay them 10000 orens.
  3. Go to the Golem burial ground and use the lightning rod on a golem.
    Golem can be defeated by a sword, but it's damn hard. Much easier and quicker is to use to pylons. Activate all of them 3 times, each time in a different order. You must not stand in the triangle when you activate the pylons.
  4. Take out the sephirto and Golem's heart out of the Sentry's body.

Mystery Tower

Employer: Kalkstein
Reward: 1000 orens

  1. To show the alchemist that we can be trsted, we need to get books - "Secret Gates" and "Ain Soph Aur". Vivaldi owns both of them, but Ain Soph Aur can be found in the house at the swamp as well.
  2. Read the books and give them to Kalkstein.
  3. All 10 sephirots must be colected, Kalkstein will give us Chocc'mah, and the others are:
    • Maal'kad, we can take it out of the cocktrice body,
    • Veen'ah, Ghe'Vrath, 'Oth, We have to give some food to one of the Melitele's chrams,
    • Kezath, Vaska will give it to us as a reward for killing the drowners near clay pits,
    • Tipperath, Leuvarden owns it, We must pay for it 500 orens,
    • Y'esath, can be found in the sarcophagus in the cave at the swamp,
    • Nehtza, take it out the Sentry's body
    • Keth'aar, Raymond will give it to us at the end of Vizima's Confidential
  4. Enter the tower and take the book out of the chest.

We can recive our reaward in chapter III as well.

Side quests

A game of dice

Beginning: elven prisoner
Reward: a dice set

If we haven't played poker in chapter I, the quest "Dice Poker" will begin now.
Play poker with the elf.

A Gravedigger’s Gratitude

Employer: Gravedigger
Reward: A key to the cementary, very important trace, a recipe

  1. We need to get the cementary pass. There are two ways: From Vincent (after Suspect: Vincent) or by canceling the gravedigger debts ( after Suspect: Thaler).
    Od grabarza dostaniemy klucz i receptę.
  2. Head to the crypt. You will find out something about Azar Javed.
  3. Go to the gravedigger and tell him what we found.


Employer: Coleman, only if he's alive and we were in the warehouse in Suspect: Vincent quest.
Task: To kill the monsters in one of the houses
Reward: 100 orens and information

  1. Enter the house and kill two wraiths. If you want to, you can kill also the gravier's in the cellar and take out of the chast A very old wine, needed in "Uncommon Wine" quest.
  2. Go to the Hairy Bear. It turns out Coleman isn't there. The innkeeper will tell us to head to the Dike.
  3. It turns out Coleman is a rat and asks a for discretion.
  4. The quest finishes while talking to the bartender, we can turn Coleman in and recive 500 orens, or we can keep the secret. Vincent will be glad if we do so.

Working Girls

Employer: Carmen
Reward: 200 orens or giving flowers insted of money to whores.

  1. Talk to Carmen. She will tell us where the girls usually are.
  2. After dealing with the bandits, return to Carmen and recive your money.

An old friend of mine

Employer: Shani
Reward: Sex with Shani

  1. We must bring Shani 5 bundles of celandine.
  2. After bringing the herbs and finishing Anatomy of a Crime, she will invite us to a party. We have to bring some alcohol: Cherry Spirit Cordial, Meltina Rosé, and Temerian Rye. We also have to invite someone:
    • Zoltana Chivay,
    • Siegfried,
    • Carmen ( we need to pay 100 orens )
  3. Red roses and stuff from Shani's house (first flor) might come in handy.
  4. After the party, give Shani the red roses.

Memory of a Blade

Beginning: In prison
Reward: Earth rune, sword information

  1. Go to Thalera and talk about the sword. He tells us to meet the gmbler at The Hairy Bear.
  2. Talk to the Gambler, go to the gardner near St. Lebioda's Hospital.
  3. Talk to the Gardener, go to Shani.
  4. Talk to Shani, got ot Zoltan.
  5. Speak with Zoltan and finish the quest.

Safe haven

Employer: Leuvaarden
Task: To kill the Drowner near the haven.
Reward: 400 orens

  1. Head to the swamp.
  2. Kill the drawners wich appear by night.
  3. Return for your reward.

Flowers and Gold

Employer: Yaren Bolt
Task: To collect 5 Beggatricks
Reward: 200 or 400 orens

  1. Collect 5 Beggatricks near the tower.
  2. Head to the Haven and give the ferryman flowers..

We cann, of course, give the half to the lumberjack. We will recive more gold for A long way from home quest, or take all the money, but recive less in the second quest.

A Pilgrimage

Employer: Gramps
Reward: Informaation, optionaly recpies.

  1. Help Gramps to get to the shrine. If you pass by some places, he will tell you something about them. These are:
    • Clay pits,
    • cave,
    • Mage tower,
    • Three isles. ( We will recive the recipes here. )
  2. Gramps invites us to his house. We can find Ain Soph Aur there.

A cannibal

Beginning: In The Gramps house
Reward: If we spare him - a recipe

  1. After The pilgrimage, speak with Gramps.
  2. Decid.

If we decide to fight, we will fight outside. It would not be so hard if two echinopses wich will disturb us. Igni sign and Swallow will come in handy.

Worth is Weightin Gold

Employer: Yaevinn
Reward: Yaevinn's Trust

  1. We have to deliver a ltter from Yaevin to Vivaldi.
    We can also tell Vincent about the letter.
  2. It turns out that Yeavin is at the swamp Scoia'tel camp .
  3. Tell him the answer and listen what he says.

A lost lamb

Employer: Vaska
Reward: optional sex with Mooren

A little boy has disappeard. Vaska suspects driuds.

  1. Head to the grove and talk to the druids. Then speak to Mooren, she will tell you that only a girls can become a dryad.
    A wolf fur, nice talking and you can have sex with a dryad.
  2. Tell Vaska what you know. The quest will continue in act III.

A long way from home

Employer: Yaren Bolt.
Reward: 100 or 400 orens.

  1. Firstly, Clear the road to haven. Bloedzuigers, drowner and echinopses will attack us on the way.
  2. Secondly, solve the "fish people" problem. Head to the village and speak with Vaska. She will tell you, that a symbolic item is needed.
    There are two ways of solving the problem:
    • Before midnight, put Yaren's axe on the vodyanoi shrine; after midnight, take the amulet of the shrine.
    • Kill the vodyanoi.
  3. Depending on our choice in "Flowers and Goold quest", we will recive more or less orens.

Force recon

Employer: Siegfried or Yeavinn
Task: To do a recee on the Golem's Burial Ground
Reward: 200 orens and friendship of An Order or Scoia'tel

Help the order or scoia'tel, kill the enemy on the burial ground.

Go to our employer, he will tell us that Berengar is alive.

Dice Poker: The professional

Beginning: After Dice Poker: The novice
Reward: Money

We have to win 4 games. The players are:

  • Munro Bruys (Chapter II i III),
  • Thaler (Chapter II i III),
  • De Wett (Chapter III),
  • Velerad (Chapter III),
  • Hierophant (Chapter III),
  • Tobias Hoffman (Chapter IV),
  • Julian (Chapter IV),
  • The Hermit (Chapter IV).

Finders Keepers

Beginning: Con artist, between 6.30 and 8.00
Reward: Whatever you find

  1. The Con artist gives us a key to the crypt. Head to the Sewers and then, in the crypt, find the family signet.
  2. Give the signet to the Con artist.

A restless Ghost

Employer: Hildegard Zollstock
Reward: 200 orens.

  1. Kill the widow's husband by night.
  2. Go and recive your money

A most Uncommon Wine

Employer: Conrad
Reward: Very old wine

  1. Head to the building, where the wine is hidden. Kill the graviers and take the wine out of the chest.
  2. Conrad hasn't got any money, but he will give us the wine. We can sell one bottle fro 80 orens.

A ghost story

Employer: thug in one of the houses
Reward: sex with a half-elf

  1. The thug mentions a treasure, hidden in one of the houses.
  2. It turns out it's a trap. The thughs also want to kill the half-elf woman , standing next to them. After killing them, The Half-elf will invite us to her house.
  3. When we speak to her, she will help us to remember the Old Speech.


Beginning: On the notice board
Reward: 150 orens for each one

Kalkstein pays for 3 Marrows.

Siegfried pays for 10 tounges.

Gardener pays for 3 rootstocks.

Jean Pierre pays for 10 furs.

The gravedigger pays for 6 tallows.


  • A beast from the sewers
    Bring Vincent the cockatrice head.
  • A bloodthirsty vegetation
    Bring Vincent the Archespore head

Coccacidium lives near the way from the clay pits to the shram.
Swallow, Igni sign and optionaly blizzard is all we will need.