The Witcher

The Witcher

Walkthrough: Act III

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  1. A Posh Reception
  2. All the King's Men
  3. The Source
  4. Lock and Key
  5. Following The Thread
  6. The Viziman Connection
  7. Reaping Time
  8. Diplomacy And Hunting
  9. Six Feets Under
  10. Echoes of Yesterday
  11. Gold Rush
  12. The Unforgiven
  13. Beauty and the Beast
  14. Blue Eyes
  15. Dandelion's Lute
  16. Dice Poker: The Sharper
  17. Medic in Distress
  18. The Ring
  19. Won't Hurt a bit
  20. Contracts:
    • Archespores
    • Graviers
    • Fleders
    • Ghouls
    • Kikimores
    • Cockatrices
    • Wyverns
  21. Trophys:
    • White Fang
    • The Predatory Wyvern

A Posh Reception

Beginning: Triss
Reward: optional sex with Adda

Triss tells us that Leuvaarden invited us to his party

  1. At 18.00, head to the New Narakort's second floor.
  2. Speak to Triss and then to the guests:
    • Adda,
    • Velerad,
    • Thaler,
    • Leuvaarden,
    • Erkym von Bluntem (three bottles of really good booze needed).
  3. After Triss leaves us, talk to Thaler Again.
  4. Talk to Adda

    Adda will have sex with us, if we make the dish she wants.

  5. Talk to Thaler and bring him the letter. He will tell us what Adda likes, but if we want to make the dish, we must speak to Velerad.
  6. Talk to Velerad and give him some booze. He tells us how to make catoblepas meat.
  7. Speak to Triss and ask her for an ilussion.
  8. If we compared sex to politics, Adda will ivite us to do some more politics...
  9. Then, Triss will ask us to speak with Leuvaarden. He will tell us how he plans to destroy The Salamander.

All the King's Men

Beginning: when Triss gives us a pass

  1. Sow the pass to the City Guard.
  2. We will meet a patrol by night.
  3. After the party at The New Narakort, we will see De Wett and Thaler. They are having a little "quarrel."

    Thaler will survive only, if we defend him.

  4. After killing the Salamanders in the Lock and Key quest, Speak with Radovid. Take the power stone and bring it to Triss.
  5. Triss will tell us where the Radovid is. Speak with him.
  6. After Gold Rush quest, speak to Velerad.
  7. In the very ending of the act, Adda will tell us something more.

The Source

Employer: Triss
Reward: Relationship with Triss or Shani, recipe

  1. We have to place the three magic sensors in three reliefs:
    • One is near the entrance to the Sewers,
    • The second is on the cementary,
    • And the last one is on the City Hall wall.
  2. GO back to Triss. It turns out that Alvin is the reason of the magic disruption. Triss asks us to bring the boy to her.
  3. Shani also wants us to brig the boy to her.
  4. Go to the hospital.
  5. Dandelion tells us that Alvin has been kidnapped. Luckily, he chased . Kill the thugs and talk to Alvin.
  6. Decide if the boy should stay with Shani or Triss.
  7. Talk to the woman you have chosen, then with the rival.
  8. Talk to your "True Love" and then, with Zoltan and Dandelion, go and get drunk.

Lock and Key

Employer: Leuvaarden
Reward: Valueble recipe

  1. Before we can begin this quest, we have to finish:
    • Following The Thread,
    • The Viziman Connection,
    • Reaping Time,
    • Diplomacy And Hunting.
  2. Bring the documents to Leauvaarden. You will have to waint until his agents decipher them.
  3. Return to Leuvaarden. He will tell you about one of the guards who can help you.
  4. One of the oficers knows the password, talk to him and plan the meeting.
  5. Enter the Sewers by night and use the Ladder..
  6. Enter the house and listen to the conversation with King of Redania.
  7. Kill The Salamanders and take the power stone. You can also talk to Radovid. Return to Leuvaarden and show Triss the stone. She thinks it is some kind of communicator. We will be able to teleport to the Salamander Hideout.
  8. The Unforgiven quest begins after this one.

Following The Thread

Employer: Jethro
Reward: 100 orens

  1. Find Angus the dealer and talk to him.

    We can scare him and follow him to his house, but we will have to kill him. We can also tell that Kalkstein sent us, but will have to pay 1500 orens.

  2. Enter the Sewers and head to the hideout. Two thugs will ask for the password. We can say "Thorn" and they will let us in, but if we say the wrong password, all of the Salamanders will attack us.
  3. At the end of the hideout, there is a big room witha chest. Take the Letter out of the chest. If you haven't fought the Salamnders yet, you will have to do it now.
  4. Speak to Jethro, he will give you The Viziman Connection quest.

The Viziman Connection

Employer: Siemko
Reward: 200 orens

  1. Head to the mark on the Sewers map.
  2. Kill all the tugs and take the cipher out of the Gellerts body.
  3. Return to Jethro for your reward.

Reaping Time

Employer: Vaska
Reward: A valueable book

  1. The Salamanders kidnapped brickmakers. We have to free all of the villagers. They are:
    • Near the collapsed tower,
    • Near the lubmerjack's glade,
    • In the cave (we can also finish A lost Lamb quest from chapter 2 there.)
  2. Rescue the brickamkers and return to Vaska. Diplomacy And Hunting quest begins.

Diplomacy And Hunting

Employer: Vaska, after the Reaping Time quest
Reward: Werewolf's Wrath scroll

  1. Vaska sends us to the Druid's grove again. We must prepare an ambush. Psilocybe, a mushroom wich grows only in dark caves is needed.
  2. GO to the cave, take the mushroom and return to Hierophant.
  3. Kill the Salamanders and tak everything out of the Roland's body. Speak to The Druid.

Six Feets Under

Employer: Siegfreid
Reward: 400, 200 or 100 orens.

Echoes of Yesterday can not be completed if you wish to complete this quest!

  1. Go to The Cementary. You will meet a talking Alghoul - Vetala. We have to decide if we want to kill it or not.

    If we don't belive the ghoul, simply kill it. However, if we belive it, Vetala will tell us of Scoia'ael Commando.

  2. Elves stand next to the Crypt.
    It turns out that they left a group of citizens to the ghouls in the crypt.
  3. Decide what to do - it will affect your rerward.
  4. Speak to Siegfreid.
    If you spare Vetala and save the people - you will recive 400 orens. If you kill the ghoul - 200 orens, but if you don't save to people - only 100 orens.

Echoes of Yesterday

Employer: Yaevinn
Reward: 300 orens

If you wish to complete this quest, you won't be able to finish Six Feet Under!

  1. Go to the Sewers and check what's with the commando.
  2. It turns out that Yaevin's people are in danger. You will have to kill a vampire - Bruxa.
  3. Talk to Yaevin and recive your reward.

Gold Rush

Beginning: After Six Feets Under or Echoes of Yesterday.
Reward: An ally needed in The Unforgiven quest

  1. Run to the City Hall and speak with Velerad.
  2. Go inside, alone or with Siegfried.
  3. If you decided to go with Siegfried, you will meet some elves who want to negotiate.

    Siegfried will leave us if we decide to negotiate, however, if we decde to kill the elves, we will espouse The Order.

  4. If we decided to go alone, we will meet a dwarf. We can go down and talk to Yeavin or attack Scoia'ael

    If we decide to go down and talk to Yeavin, we will espouse Scoia'ael, however, if we kill Scoia'ael we will espouse The Order.

  5. Meeting Yaevin.

    Depending on wich side we are, we chase him or help him.

  6. Speak to Yeavin or Return to Velerad.

The Unforgiven

Employer: Leuvaarden, after Lock and Key.
Reward: Proffesor's stuff

  1. We have to bring an ally.
    • Velerad will not help,
    • Zygfryd will help, if we espoused The Order,
    • Yaevinn will help, if we espoused Scoia'tael.
    It is the last chance to do all of the side quests in Vizima.
  2. Speak to Triss.
  3. Head to The New Narakort.
  4. De Wett with his little army will interrupt the meeting, but Triss maganes to teleport us.
  5. Kill The Salamanders.
  6. Turn left, you should see your ally.
  7. Together kill Salamander mage; take the power stone and open the Teleport.
  8. Head to the end of the cave, to Azar and The Proffesor.
  9. Mage will escape and leave us to fight the Proffesor.
  10. Fighting him should not be hard.
  11. The floor collapses. Kikimore Queen kills the Proffesor and turns to us.

    To kill the queen, we have to destroy linchpins with an Aard sign.

  12. Take everything you can.
  13. Leave the cave. It turns out that Adda is the one to adulterate the royal edicts. Luckily, Triss will teleport us to the village of Murky Waters .

Side Quests

Beauty and the Beast

Employer: Carmen
Zadanie: To lift the curse

  1. Speak to Hierophant.
  2. Ask Carmen to tell you who the lover is.
  3. We will find out who the lover is while doing Lock and The Key quest.
  4. Ways to Lift the curse:
    • Collect five Fool's Parsley leaves, so that Carmen can make a shirt.
    • Prepare a potion with help of an alchemist .
    • Make him profess his love.

Blue Eyes

Employer: Patryk of Weyze
Reward: 200 orens if we side with the sister, 0 orens from the knight.

  1. The knight asks us to find his sister. She's in the Hous of The night - The best brothel in Vizima. We have to ascertain that she's the one we're looking for. Having sex with her is our duty ;)
  2. Inform Patrick about his sister job. He asks us to check if somebody controls her.
  3. Return to the brothel and go upstairs.
  4. Speak to The Queen of the Night.

    We can kil the vampires or have sex with them.

  5. Patrick enters the brothel.

    We can:
    • Kill him.
    • Kill the vampires.
    • Kill all of them.

Dandelion's Lute

Employer: Dandelion
Reward: optional sex

  1. Dandelion asks us to bring his lute back. We have to get drunk with him if we want to know more.
  2. Go to the merchant's house.
  3. Fight the Father or bribe him.
  4. Talk to the Rozalindand take te Lute. If we talk to har in a right way, we will be able to have some nice time in the bedroom.
  5. An additional reward is an invitation to Dandelion's concert.

Dice Poker: The Sharper

Beginning: After Dice Poker: The proffesional.
Reward: Money.

We have to wim with 3 of 4 players:

  • Dandelion,
  • Koster,
  • Chiradean,
  • Gambling Ghost.

Medic in Distress

Employer: Medic in Distress
Reward: 50 orens.

  1. Wait until midnight and head the granny's house.
  2. Kill the Fleder in the Cellar.
  3. Return to the Medic.

The Ring

Employer: Desperate merchant at the Dike
Reward: 100 orens.

  1. The Ring is near Melitele's shrine.
  2. Bring it back and recive the reward.

Won't hurt a bit

Employer: Dentist
Reward: Money + Sihil (The best steel sword in the game)

We have to bring him:

  • Cemetaur jaw,
  • Fleder fangs,
  • Devourer teeth,
  • Alp fangs,
  • Beast fangs,
  • Boxer's tooth.


Beginning: On the notice board
Reward: money

Bring 3 bottles of archespores juice to Jethro. Reward: 200 orens.

Bring Velerad 5 Gravier's bones. Reward: 200 orens.

Bring Velerad 3 Felder's Fangs. Reward: 250 orens.

Bring Velerad blood of 12 ghouls. Reward: 150 orens.

Bring Velerad 10 Kikimore's claws. Reward: 200 orens.

Bring the Scribe 5 Cockatrice's feathers. Reward: 200 orens.

Bring the Innkeeper meat of 3 Wyverns. Reward: 200 orens.


Reward: 600 orens each

White Fang
We have to kill Worefa at the swamp.

Predatory Wyvern
We have to kill Royal Wyvern at the swamp.