The Witcher

The Witcher

Walkthrough: Act IV

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Employer: Lady of the Lake, fisherman or Tobias.
Task: To end the quarrel between Vodyanoi and people in the village.
Reward: Sword (if you worked for Vodyanoi), a diamond (If you worked for Julian) or a silver talent (if you worked for Lady Of The Lake).

  1. You have to do the first two points from The Paths of Destiny quest and the first 3 points from Alvin quest.
Side with the Villagers:
  1. Julian tries to scare Vodyanoi – we have to kill Dagon. The temple is located at the end of Black Tern Island. You can kill the wyverns that stand in the way, but they can't enter the temple, so it isn't nessecary.
  2. Kill the Dagon's acolyte. A group of vodyanoi will appear. Firstly, kill them, the acolyte kill as a last one. Dagon will appear soon after that.
  3. Dagon is not a difficult enemy, so kill him and return to Julian.
Side with Vodyanoi:
  1. The Vodanoyi asks us to sacrifice the cow and kill Dagon. Head to the village and wait until night. (The vodyanoi priest is usually near the Lady of the Lake charm, only by night)
  2. In the centre of the village grazes its pride.
    To gain her trust, we have to give her nuts and raisins, wich we can buy from the baker.
  3. Lead the cow to the Dagon's altar on Black Tern Island. Kill her there.
  4. Dagon appears. Simply kill him.
Side with Lady of the Lake
  1. Lady of the lake wants to resolve the conflict and bring peace back to Murky Waters.
    She asks to bring her gifts from both priest and Julian, she also wants us to kill Dagon, like the others employers.
  2. Talk to Julian and the priest. Take An Alabaster Figurine and a gold bracelet.
  3. Bring the gifts to the Lady, she will give you a drop of her blood, magicly placed in her ruby.
  4. Place the Lady's ruby on Dagon's altar, on Black Tern Island.
    Dagon appears.
  5. Kill him and return to recive your reward.

The Paths of Destiny

Employer: Berengar, after beginning of the Ripples quest; Julian,
if we haven't spoken with Berengar.
Reward: depends on player's chices.

  1. Kill all the monsters in the crypt with Berengar.
  2. Follow the second Witcher, light the fire and start conversation. He will tell you about alegendary witcher armor, very durable and elastic as well.
    (More about it: Armor quest).
  3. (Optional) Lady of the Lake asks us to talk to Berengar about destiny, however, he does not seem to be interested at all. He regrets that he has been forced to become a witcher, so that normal people hate him and he has no chance of getting
  4. Lady of the Lake promises us a gift, if we serve her well enough. We have to finish Ripples and The heat of the Day quests. As a reward, we will recive Aerondight - a greatly durable blade wich increases damege by 30% and chance of Pain, Precise hit, Incineration and blinding by 40%.
  5. We will finally encounter Berengar near the boat.


Employer: Dandelion.

  1. Dandelion informs us that he has found the boy. He is somewhere near Alina's house or in it.
  2. Talk to Dandelion in the Inn; He will give you Triss' amulet.
  3. Find Alvin and give him the amulet.
  4. Forming Alvin's ideas.

Heat of the Day

Employer: Alina.
Task: To solve the bride's problem.
Reward: 400 orens.

  1. Alina is concerned about her sister meeting Julian. She asks us to speak to her.
  2. We should meet Adam soon after conversation with Alina. If not, we can always talk to him in his house. It turns out that he is in love with the bride.
  3. In front of the Inn we will see Julian talking to Celina. They dispers after a short while and Celina accosts us. It turns out she is jealous about her sister wedding, beacouse-as she thinks-her sister does not deserve such wonderful husband.
  4. Return to Alina and tell her that she shouldn't worry.
  5. Do the first 3 points of the Alvin quest. The boy will talk about his vision. Soon, someting strange will happen in th village. Tell Julian about it.
  6. Alina has disappeared. Julian asks us to find her.
  7. About 12:00 head to the Hangsman's tree on the Fields. We will meet undead Alina there, murdered by her jealous sister. However, the Noonwraith does not remember who she was.
    Meanwhile, Adam kills Celina as we watch, it turns out that Celina murdered the bride. AFter leaving the Fields, we will meet the killer. He explains that he has done a love revange.
  8. Return to Julian and tell him the horrible news.
  9. We need to restore Alina's memory. One of these characters will tell us how to do that:
    Lady of the Lake, Berengar, Dandelion, Hermit, Abigail/An old woman.
    One of the ways is to collect 5 Nehalania's mirror pieces and put them together again.
  10. Look for the pieces. Noonwraiths can appear near them, Specter oil might come in handy.
  11. Only Blacksmith or The Elven craftsman cna put the mirror together.
    Either way - we have to pay 100 orens.
  12. Show Alina the mirror.
  13. Talk to Abigail or Lady of The Lake.

Our last task is to lift the curse.

The first way - "The dead can hear only dead..."
Only if we left Abigail to be lynched.
Talk to Adam. If we told Julian of the murder, ask him for the key to the house, where the killer is.
Follow Adam to the fields. He will be waiting near the Hangsmen Tree. He commits sucide as we watch.
Alina's ghost appears. Adam explains what happens and together happy lovers.

Finally find solace in death.
Recive your reward from Julian.

The second way - "...and poetry"
Only if we defended Abigail from being lynched.
Talk to Dandelion.
Meet him near the Hangsmen tree about 20.00.
Dandelion makes Geralt participate in the poem. Our task is to end the second verse, so that it rhymes with the first one.

  1. Answer: Dead.
  2. Answer: Wraith.

Celina appears. The sisters talk to each other and Alina's ghost leavs this world.
Return to Julian and recive your reward.

Free elves

Employer: White Rayla.
Task: To side with The Elves/The Order or stay neutral.

  1. Talk to White Rayla.
  2. Talk to Dandelion after entering the Murky Waters.
  3. Talk to Alvin. The boy is captured as a prisoner in the village.
  4. Talk to Tourviel.
  5. Talk to Dandelion – we have to decide on wich side we are.
  6. Talk to white Rayla. She will be either agry with us or satisfied. (Depending on the decision).
  7. Dandelion should wait for us near the boat. Speak to him and together swim to Vizima.

Side quests

Old Habits Die Hard

Employer: Naiad.
Reward: Book, healing each time we visit her or Earth Rune.

  1. We have to kill 3 groups of drawners:
    • At the Lakeside
    • On the Black Tern Island
    • Near the river in the Murky Waters
  2. Zephyr appears after killing the last drawner. After easy and short fight, take the necklace out of his body and return it to its owner.


Employer: Blacksmith's wife
Task: to scare the succubus.
Reward: Plants of Barren Lands; money or a red meteorite stone

  1. The Blacksmith's wife is sure that her husband sleeps with a Succubus. She asks to bring her 9 portions of shimmering dust form Noonwraiths.
    We can also tell the Blacksmith about it and bring him nine portions of shadow dust from devourers.
  2. Do your part and bring the dust.

Small Problems

Employer: Mason Harn.
Task: to deal with the griggs.
Reward: Help of Mason's son on the fields, money or a book - Specters, Wraiths, and the Damned.

  1. Talk to the old woman or Abigail.
    It turns out that the griggs are responsible for destroying the bridge.
    We have to search for something that we could give the griggs as a present.
  2. Like, for example Cat harness. The griggs keep it in their shrine in the crypt (Fields). Take the harness to the Murky Waters healer/Abigail.
  3. Now we have to place the harness in another shrine, the on enear the bridge. As a "reward" we will recive a four-least clover, twich symbolizes friendship and hapiness.
    Recive your reward form Mason Harn.

Hunting Wild Hunt

Employer: Hermit.
Task: to kill the Wild Hunt wraiths.
Reward: a vampire book, possibilty of sleeping in Hermit's house or wreath of Immortelles needed to free Celina (optionaly in The Heat of the Day quest). Besides, we will recive an amulet that scares wraiths away.

  1. Collect a few Mandrake roots (graves in Hermits garden).
  2. Defeat nine Wild hunt wraits (only by night).
  3. Return to the Hermit.

Daily Bread

Employer: Toruviel.
Task: To bring bread to the elves on the lakeside.

  1. Toruviel wants us to buy some bread form the baker in the Murky Waters.
    Unfortunately, 20 orens is not enough. We can, of course, pay for the other one.
    After all, it's not that expensive.
  2. Bring Toruviel the bread.

Armor: part one

Employer: Berengar / our ally in chapter 5.
Task: To get the legendary Raven's armor.
Reward: Raven's Armor.

  1. Talk to Berengar about the armor.
  2. Ask the blacksmith and the elven craftsman about the armor.
  3. Collect armor's components.
    Sarcophagus in crypt on the Fields, Sarcophagus in the crypt at the Lakeside. The rest can be collected only in the next chapter. (patrz zbroja:część druga).


Beginning: On the notice board.
Reward: 250 orens each contract.

Bring Julian 3 cockatrice skins.

Bring 3 wyvern eggs to the innkeeper.

Bring 10 devourer teeth to Abigail or the old woman.

Giant centipedes:
Bring 4 Chitinous carapaces to the elven craftsman.

Bring 5 Alp teeth to Tobias Hoffman.

The Vodyan Priest:
Defeat Vodyanoi priset - Teyu (near the boat, only by night). Bring Tobias Hoffman his head.

The Ancient Cemetaur:
Defeat Ureus(in the crypt on the fields). Bring Tobias his head.